The Ladyboy Scene in Hong Kong

Albeit one that’s very lively and vibrant, the Chinese city’s ladyboy scene is typified by an uphill battle for transgender rights and intense discrimination against the backdrop of ever-increasing cases of gender dysphoria among the population. Gradually, awareness of transgender issues in Hong Kong is increasing. Unfair treatment in prisons and scarce sex reassignment surgery options are among the issues human rights groups are drawing attention to. More than a hundred people ask for psychiatric help for gender dysphoria in Hong Kong every year.

The government has planned a series of measures to help the trans community. People can get help for gender-related issues at a new clinic in the city’s Prince of Wales Hospital.

Currently, trans prisoners in the city are held in all-male wards. Often, being trans is considered a mental illness here, although it was removed from the list of the International Classification of Diseases years ago.

For the most part, the trans community in Hong Kong is well and going strong. Drag queen shows and cabaret shows are popular with ladyboys and you could meet many here. In fact, many people come because they’re interested in dating Hong Kong ladyboys. While there are few events particularly targeting the trans community, people organize LGBT-related events in general all the time. The non-promotional site maintains a list of current events you can attend if you’re interested in meeting members of the local community.

You can meet ladyboys at the Zoo Bar cabaret, where all of the performers are trans. You can also look for ladyboys online, but the risk of running into an escort is quite substantial. The trans users of sites like My Ladyboy Date and Asian Match Mate have regular jobs and are looking for real relationships, so you might want to check those sites out. The first one is the best ladyboy dating site in the world. Just search for “Hong Kong ladyboys” to find profiles of locals.

Asian Match Mate offers easy ways to meet single ladyboys in the city who are looking for friendship or a romantic relationship. Online dating is never hard, and it’s even easier when it comes to the vast and enlightened trans community of Hong Kong. Unfortunately, it’s often the case that transgender people face negative treatment, and with the internet, they are saved from such treatment face to face. Sites like My Transgender Cupid and My Ladyboy Date have a zero-tolerance policy toward acts of transphobia of any kind. It’s important to always treat everyone you meet the way you want to be treated, no matter whether you meet online or (ultimately) in person.

Lots of foreigners in Hong Kong have felt anxious at first, but communication is easy once you’ve spent some time in the company of a trans person.

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